vaidyagrama strongly recommends that you send your medical information to and get confirmation from the physicians in vaidyagrama that you can come for treatment for your medical situation, and also get their advice on the ideal number of days to allocate for treatment - based on this advice, you can make your booking on this "Booking Page".

Please do know that -

1) "direct bookings without confirmation from the vaidyagrama physicians" on this Booking Page does not necessarily mean that you will receive treatment when you arrive in vaidyagrama. For we work with the individual patient and hence it is important to have an essential idea of your medical condition / needs before we recommend treatment for you in vaidyagrama.

2) a booking is confirmed only after the full advance payment is received into our bank account

3) the rate shown here is only for accommodation, food and consultation for 1 patient in a room. The cost of treatment and medicines is extra based on actuals.

Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Ramanandan

Medical Directors at vaidyagrama